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Customer Support

Our application development team has developed a customer support application. It is an application which can be useful to number of company´┐Żs involved B2B business; this application can be customised specifically to your needs.

We know how important it is to support our clients professionally and as fast as possible. The purpose of the application is to provide a common online platform for customers, customer support engineers and administrator. The application provides three different interfaces that can be opened from the login form that includes the user, engineer and the admin interface. The following example is based on an IT company providing customer support.

User interface

User interface permits the user to post the difficulty they are facing and also view the list of problems they have posted. Apart from posting queries the application also provides an option of tracking the progress and also helps maintaining a record of invoices. The queries are seen as logs where the use will be able to see their current cases, what engineer is dealing with it and also when it is expected to be completed. The contract can be seen with all terms and conditions and additional requests can be made for e.g. documents.         

Engineer interface

Engineer interface allows the engineer to look at the list of cases that he is dealing with and also enables him to upload the list of products purchased and generate invoices which are updated onto the user interface automatically. Also they can view detailed information about their cases including priority, contact person and the date the case was opened. They can search for cases using the case number.

Admin interface

Admin interface manages both user and engineer interface which includes authorising new account registration and assigning user rights. Also the administrator will be able to monitor all engineers and see the calls they are dealing with. Furthermore the administrator can make changes to what user see on the screen.  



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