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Inventory System

As your business will grow you will need to manage tasks such as stock control, processing sales, dealing with suppliers and customer orders. Keeping everything on track and up-to-date can be vital in meeting aims and objectives.

Having a reliable system in place like stock allow

  • Accurate functions
  • Online orders and processing
  • Data reports
  • User Accounts


This inventory management application permits the user to add and delete the stock entered into the warehouse; it will enable users to track the quantity of each product available and also get notifications if running low on any stock.

Finding and adding products in stock can be tiring; with a search option stocks can be checked and recorded within seconds. The stock order management allows you to keep track of what parts have been ordered, what you still need to order and also helps manage your stock quantities. When receiving ordered stock items, you can also use this system to maintain the inflow and outflow of cash. Also the software can generate barcodes for items that are sold by the company.

The user account feature is very useful tool as it allows the manager to set permissions for each member off staff in the company. This means each member of staff will only have access to functions they are required to do their job e.g. order new stock.




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