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NFC Technology

What is NFC?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a particular form of RFID technology that generally works at very short distance, usually only one to 4 centimetres between the tag and the reader. It is a technology that has been introduced gradually over the last ten years. Recently it is gaining more popularity and one of the reasons for this is because several phone manufacturers are incorporating NFC technology hardware into their latest smartphones. Also businesses are finding more uses for the technology for example, as a way of interacting with their consumers.

As with RFID, NFC requires tags to be attached to objects and antenna/reader systems to read the tags. However, mobile phones incorporating NFC technology can behave either as an NFC tag or as an NFC reader. This means that mobile phones can be used as a low cost device for reading NFC tags but can also be used as a way of identifying a person; a person waves the phone over an NFC reader to prove who they are.

The other main business driver for the adoption of NFC technology is the financial industry. It is placing NFC tags within credit and debit card such that the owners can pay for items simply by touching the card on a payment terminal without the need for a PIN number. The purpose is to speed up the payment process, although it will only be used for small payments (up to �15 or �20 currently). This drive for the adoption of NFC will mean that NFC tags and NFC readers will become cheaper, more readily available and much more robust over the short term.

 Internal NFC Tag

How can NFC help your business?

Here at VPJ IT Solutions we can help implement NFC into your business. We can make NFC tags that can benefit your business and increase client satisfaction. Some of the uses of NFC that we can provide are listed below.

  1. Launch Apps, and devices
  2. Switch functions such as enable and disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  3. Personalised Tags with information such as Business Cards
  4. Install NFC on to posters and flyers providing links to websites and contact information






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